AmazingTy's Hurt My Pussy, You Bitch! #6

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Price: $29.95
Item Number: AMT-6
Starring: Denni O, AmazingTy and Jasmine
Runtime: 75 min.


AmazingTy was present for the wild video shoot I did with Jasmine a few months ago. Those two instantly hit it off. Jasmine and AmazingTy are obviously into a little pain with their hole stretching routines. As they were stuffing each other's holes with dildos the size of Texas they would yell at the other to shove it in harder.... hurt my pussy, you bitch... I was very involved, but felt as if I was not even noticed as these two girls were clearly into each others stetchable holes.. with everything they could find...

Monster Strap-On Action!

AmazingTy got very aggressive and donned a strap-on toy that most women would not go near... Jasmine assumed the sumbmissive position and accepted a brutal doggy-style strap-on fuck... but AmazingTy could not fuck her hard or deep enough and Jasmine continued to allow her to assault the depths of her cunt hole... but Jasmine exacts revenge by stuffing two of the bigger toys at once into AmazingTy's pussy and really stretches her to the ripping point... Then she works her cunt over with a dildo molded from a real horse dick... you wonder how so much of that massive slab of dick goes into this skinny girl's body...

Nasty DP and Anal Big Toys!

Jasmine gets the best of AmazingTy in the "end" literally when she takes the big strap-on and gives AmazingTy's asshole a major fucking workout.. she reams her ass like she wants to wear it out.. I was sure her maniacal stroking was going to leave her in diapers, but as usual AmazingTy takes the most incredible fuckings and she never stops cumming... Jasmine clearly has had some serious experience pumping a strap-on because she works Ty's butt like a pornstud on Viagra! This is for those of you who like their lesbian sex ROUGH.

This video contains footage you may have seen from my Denni O uneditted Extreme Lesbian Love series sold ONLY from my Denni O websites. This video is EDITTED and the version for video stores nationwide and cannot show certain subjects.